Stellar Mac partition manager

Efficiently manage Mac Partition without losing Data

Mac Operating system comprises of unpartitioned single volume. Due to this reason user wish to have at least more than one partition on their Mac Operating system in order to organize the data safely and without any hassle. To come out of this situation many users purchase new hard drive but in that also some user want to have partition into separate volumes to store data differently. Addition to this further partition on already partitioned drive might be needed or deletion of created partition may also be required.

So to comply with above mentioned situation user can easily use the inbuilt utility. It has very useful utility especially for data and partition management. It is known as Disk utility, using this utility tool users can perform many task on partition and data along with resizing of the volume. If free space is available then partition size can be increased or decreased according to the need. Besides all these features the inbuilt utility also has certain limitation.

While increasing the size of volume using disk utility, it will be required to delete the partition below the volume. This result in various data loss situation in case backup is not taken. So overcome the limitation and problem faced while using disk utility, it would be better to use third party professional tool. By using such software user would not face any data loss situation as such it does not affect other volume than the one getting modified by user. Stellar partition manager is one of the efficient tool that consider entire free space on hard drive and manage them correctly, thus results entire process to complete in safe and reliable manner.

Not only this, but if user have made any accidental changes then this software safely revert it without proceeding further. Addition to this user can also hide/unhide any volume/partition whenever required. The software is user-friendly and can efficiently manage partition and volume. It offers four basic operation mode: (add, format, delete and resize) partitions in safe manner.

Stellar Partition Manager key functioning of tool is very simple, it is summarized below:

  • Download Stellar Mac Partition Manager then Install and Launch the software safely, then main interface of software appears.
  • If boot volume is selected then the software blinks with a warning message.
  • At the time of creating new volume, user needs to specify desired volume name, size for new partition that is being created.