Repartition Without Data Loss

What is Repartition?

Repartition is just a memory cum disk management work that enable a user to distribute the available resources/space on disk drive into multiple volume/partition. It is risky if you want to do the same without the use of Partition Manager Tool as it is most likely to harm your saved data on disk. Yes! It is possible to repartition a Mac Disk Drive without losing any data from the drive. Such task can be handled manually or automatically, but you need extreme knowledge and skills along with experience for manual repartition without data loss. Repartition is just resizing of disk drive which has been already partitioned. Although you can carry repartition manually by using Disk Utility but you are recommended to use automatic repartition method by using Mac Partition Manager Tool/Software.

What are the precautions before opting repartition for Mac?

  • Make sure, you are selecting the right disk
  • Make sure, you Mac Drive is free from any errors
  • Never choose “eject it” option for drive, you must unmount your drive
  • Always select the drive in your left hand pane
  • If everything is right then only go to the Partition Tab
  • All the partitioning tasks are automatic.
  • Fusion drives can be resized if it has been partitioned, but never do it with a version of Disk Utility older than the targeted Fusion Drive which is to be created.

Things to remember!

You can enlarge or repartition on behalf of the one step before the last volume on a drive. Drives with GUID formatted can be repartitioned or resized without losing data You have a current and complete data backup of the drive you want to alter

Manual Method to repartition Mac without losing data

  • Launch Disk Utility
  • Go to right panel to select drive which contains single or more stuff volumes
  • Click Partition Button
  • Select additional stuff volume from the Pie chart that will turn blue if selected
  • Follow the instruction and click Apply Button.
Note: The above method is very risky. You are strictly recommended to use Mac Partition Manager Tool/Software to resize or repartition Mac without data loss.