Repartition Boot Drive

What is Boot drive partition?

Boot partition is a common term for disk partition of a hard disk drive which is a “must have” feature and has to be properly configured for a system to operate correctly. To be more specific, boot partition is a primary partition containing boot loader where boot loader is a piece of software responsible for booting up the operating system. According to the Microsoft definition, the boot partition is the disk partition which contains the OS folders known as a system root or %systemroot% in Windiws NT operating system. Also, if you want to know why is it needed to partition boot drive, then you can read the complete para mentioned below in this page and you will get the detailed information on it.

Why is it needed to partition boot drive?

Separating disk into multiple independent volumes can solve all sorts of computer associated headaches. There are some good reasons for partitioning hard disk:

  • Keeping your data, applications and operating system on a single partition can be risky because if something goes wrong with the partition's index file then your system will not be able to boot up thus resulting in loss of data.
  • You can partition your Mac's drive to to use more than one operating system and to switch between different versions whenever you want.
  • In order to use boot camp assistant which enables you to run Windows OS on Mac system, you require at least two partitions one for Windows and other for Mac itself.
  • Having multiple partitions on disk, you can easily repair any partitions when having problem in it.

How to efficiently repartition boot drive

Before moving on for partition process, prepare a backup of all your data. This is to ensure in case you lose data then you will have a backup of data. Once you have made a backup, proceed with the partition process. For this, all you need is a professional software and that is Stellar Partition Manager. Stellar Partition Manager is an expert in solving all kinds of partition related issues like resizing, modifying, crating and deleting partitions, etcetera.

Some of its features are mentioned below to make you believe that Stellar Partition Manager is really a complete solution for what you need:

  • It provides easy partition and partition recovery.
  • Conversion of file system from one to other form with ease.
  • Supports all type of file systems.
  • It requires minimum hardware to run itself.
  • Optimum disk usage with versatility.
  • Increases hard disk as well as system speed.
  • Boot management and corrector.