Steps to Get Back Erased Data of FAT32 Partition Quickly

Have you accidentally formatted FAT32 Partition? Does the saved files or documents has been damaged and became inaccessible? Have you lost all the data due to malware infection? Are you searching for the steps to recover deleted files of Mac? If you are facing all these issues and wants to fix the aforesaid issues then your search is over. We recommend you to follow the given instructions carefully in step-by-step manner. It will definitely help you to get back the data of Mac partition in effective way.

What is FAT32 Partition?

FAT32 Partition is also known as File Allocation Table 32 which is main used as a file system. It is compatible with different versions of Mac operating system. It is used by many users because it has several features and quite handy which can be used by the non-technical users. Additionally, you can read and write all types of data easily. Additionally, it does not comes with inbuilt security which helps in accessing data easily. However, it provides huge space in which you can save your important data to keep them safe. But the worst situation occurs when user loses the data due to accidental damage or deletion. If you have saved the backup copy of the files then you can recover the files easily but in case of no back what will you do? Recently, many users has faced such issues with their files.

Main Causes Behind Loss of Data from FAT32 Partition:-

You need to know that human errors are one of the common reason behind loss or damage of data from FAT32 Partition. Besides this, there are many more reasons which are responsible for such situations. The main points has been mentioned below:-

Formatting of Drive: Many users formats the FAT32 Partition with the help of built-in- Disk utility tool. But if you will format the drive in the absence of backup then you can lose all the data which is difficult to restore manually.

Virus Infection: These days, hackers designs malware or spyware in such a way which can secretly invade in the PC secretly. If your system also gets infected then all the saved files or documents of FAT32 Partition will get corrupted.

Accidental Deletion: Sometimes, user wants to create more space in the drive by removing the unwanted files. If you will also select the important file and click on Delete all key then you can lose all the data.

Abrupt Termination: If your system gets terminated automatically due to power sabotage then it can results dangerous for the saved files.

Mishandling of the System: Many users does not handle the system carefully. It is also a biggest cause behind the corruption of saved files.

How to Fix Recover Data of FAT32 Manually?

Method 1: Format the Drive Properly

If you are using FAT32 format in the Mac drive then you need to format it and change the default file format in order to make it compatible with the Mac operating system. Follow the steps which are given below:-

  • Open the Finder and select Applications option. Now, you need to click on Utilities and select Disk Utility.

  • Detect and select the name of the external hard drive from the right pane and click on the Erase Tab.

  • A dialog box will appear, you need to type the name of the formatting drive.

  • In the format option, you need to select APFS or Mac OS Extended option.

  • Click on the Format option to begin the process.

Method 2: Remove Permission from the Drive

If the external hard drive has permission settings then you need to ignore the ownership in order to fix the Read only error. To complete the task, you can follow the given steps:-

  • From the Finder, right click on the external drive name and select “Get Info” from the context menu.

  • Go to “Sharing & Permissions” and select lock icon.

  • It will ask you to enter the admin password.

  • Now, check “Ignore ownership on this volume” option to fix the Read only error.

How to Recover Deleted Files of FAT32 Partition Automatically?

If you have lost all the files or documents of FAT32 Partition and wants to get them back in easiest way then you are suggested to make use of Mac Partition Software. It is an advanced tool which has been designed by the technical experts by using high level mechanisms and powerful algorithms. It is capable to conduct full scanning in the system to detect all types of lost data, files, images, documents etc in their original quality. This tool supports user-friendly interface which helps the non-technical users to handle it in efficient way. It is compatible with different versions of Mac operating system. Even more, it supports lots of advanced features which is gaining popularity among the users. The trial version of the software is available for the users. You can download it now to check its working efficiency and performance.