Simple Way to Restore Replaced Files of Mac Immediately

Have you lost your important data of Mac by replacing it with other files? Are you trying hard to get back the data manually but ended up with failure? Do you want to learn the working instructions to restore such files easily? Do you want to protect your data from being loss in future? If your response is positive to all these questions then no need to worry now. We are providing complete instructions which will help you to get back overwritten files in effective manner. So, follow the simple steps carefully.

About Mac Operating System:-

Mac is one of the powerful operating system which is extremely popular among the users. It supports lots of advanced features and powerful functions to provide best working experience. Even more, it allows the users to users to install a wide range of applications in the PC according to your requirement. Additionally, it also provides huge space to save various types of files in the system in order to keep them safe for long time. Sometimes, many user tries to save a file and uses the exact name of file which was earlier saved in the system. In such a case, you will find a pop up menu which asks you to replace the existing file with the new file. If you will click on Yes option then previously saved file will be erased. In such a circumstances, many user loses their important data after replacing it. You should know that it is one of the biggest cause of data loss situation which nobody wants to face but it is possible at anytime.

How to Recover Overwritten Data on Mac Manually?

Nobody wants to face data loss situation but it is possible at anytime. If you are also facing the same problem then no need to panic because we are providing simple and working manual steps which will help you to get back your lost files quickly. So, follow the guidelines which has been mentioned below:-

Method 1: Restore Files from Time Machine Backup

Mac provides Time Machine feature which is used to store the backup copy of your important files. It will help you in data loss situation. To recover files from Time Machine, you should follow the given steps:-

Connect the disk of Time Machine Backup with the Mac PC. Launch the Time Machine by clicking on its icon from the Status menu.

You need to scroll the Timeline to find the exact data and time on which you have created the backup file. Users can also click on the Up Arrow next to the Time Machine in order to select the backup.

After finding the required file in the Time Machine, you are advised to select them and click on Restore option to get them back easily.

Point to Remember: The above mentioned steps will only work when you have created the backup copy of all the files in Time Machine. In case of no backup, it is useless.

Automatic Way to Restore Replaced Files of Mac:-

If you have replaced your data in Mac and looking forward to regain it in effective manner then you are suggested to make use of Mac Data Recovery Software. It is one of the advanced tool which has been developed by technical experts. It has capability to conduct deep scanning in the system to find all types of lost, deleted, damaged, replaced, encrypted or oversized files of Mac. Even more, it will also display preview of the recovered files. You can select your desired data and save them to your desired location. Additionally, it comes with user-friendly interface which will help the non-technical users to handle it in effective manner. The trial version of the software is also available for the users. You can download it now to check its working efficiency and performance. After complete satisfaction, you can also purchase full version of the tool.

Prevention Tips to Avoid Data Loss in Future from Mac:-

Data loss is one of the worst situation which is faced by the users. However, the chances of file loss can be degrade if you will take little prevention while using the system. Some of the common prevention tips which should be followed by the users has been mentioned below:-

Create Backup Copy: Users are always advised to create backup copy of their important files at different locations. It can be used in case of data loss from the Mac system.

Avoid Interruption: You need to be careful while transferring the data from Mac PC to other removable devices. If any unwanted interruption occurs during the process then it can results to corruption or deletion of the files.

Protect from Malware: You should avoid visiting any suspicious sites and downloading free programs because it contains malicious threats which can affect the saved files of your PC.

Avoid Overwriting the Files: If you are trying to save new files in the system and it shows message that file already exists in the memory then you should click on No button to avoid replacement of the file otherwise you will lose it instantly.

Don't Eject Pen Drives Unsafely: Many users just pulls out the SD card from their system after using it. You need to aware that it is responsible for corruption of data. So, we suggest you to remove the device after ejecting it safely to protect your data from loss situation