How to Regain Corrupted Files of G-DRIVE USB-C Immediately

Hello guys! I have accidentally formatted my G-DRIVE USB-C external hard drive. I was filled with lots of data and I lost them in a single click. It is quite difficult for me to find all the files manually because I don't have backup copy. I can't afford to lose any data as they are extremely important for me. I am looking for the working guidelines to restore erased files from G-DRIVE USB-C. If you have any idea about the working instructions then please help me. All the suggestions will be strongly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.


G-Technology is one of the popular brand which has been acquired by Western Digital in 2012. It is known for manufacturing of high performance external storage devices which are quite reliable as well as stylish. The best part of the drives are that they are compatible with different versions of Windows and Mac operating system. The popular product of G-Technology is G-DRIVE USB-C external drive. It is a single drive which can be used on mac PC as well as Time Machine. It also delivers USB power for charging the laptops and comes with an attractive aluminium design. It allows the users to save huge amount of files and data to keep them safe for long time. However, the worst situation arises when G-DRIVE USB-C gets damaged or corrupted. In such a case, users can lose all the saved files which is completely an annoying situation.

Main Causes Responsible for Loss of Data from G-DRIVE USB-C:-

You need to know that there are several factors which can make you suffer from data loss situation. Some of the main points has been mentioned below:-

Formatting of the Drive: If you will proceed to format the external hard drive in the absence of backup copy then you will lose all the data in a single click.

Interruption during Data Transfer: Many users pulls out the G-DRIVE USB-C during file transfer process. It can cause unwanted interruption and you may lose the selected files accidentally.

Bad Sectors in the Hard Drive: If any bad sector occurs in the hard drive due to failing of SMART status then the saved files may get damaged and stops to respond properly.

Malware Infection: If you will connect your hard drive with different or infected PC regularly then it will also get infected and you will lose all the data due to corruption issue.

Water Damage: Due to mishandling of the device, sometimes it fells accidentally in the water. It can cause damage of the drive as well as saved files.

Automatic Way to Restore Files from G-DRIVE USB-C:-

If you are facing data loss situation from G-DRIVE USB-C external drive and wants to regain all the deleted files easily then we suggest you to make use of Mac Data Recovery Software. It is one of the advanced software which has been designed by the technical experts by using advanced mechanisms and algorithms. This tool will recover all the deleted or corrupted files without changing their actual quality or size. Even more, it supports user-friendly interface which can be easily handled by the non-technical users also. This tool will also display the preview of the recovered files and allows the users to save the data to their desired location. It is compatible with different versions of Mac based operating system. So, what are you thinking for, download the trial version of the software without wasting a single moment.

Prevention Tips to Avoid Data Loss from G-DRIVE USB-C in Future:-

Data loss is completely an annoying situation which nobody wants to face but it is possible at anytime. You need to know that if you will handle G-DRIVE USB-C carefully then you can easily degrade the chances of data loss situations in future. Some of the common prevention tips has been mentioned below:-

Create Backup; Users must be prepared for such data loss situation earlier. It is always advised to create the backup copy of all the important files at different location. It will help you to restore the files in the case of data loss situation.

Eject Safely: As you know, pulling out external drive unsafely can cause data loss situation. So, avoid ejecting it during file transfer process. You are also suggested to copy and paste data instead of moving them to the PC.

Protect from Malware: You should be careful while connecting your drive with different PCs. Before connection, users are advised to perform complete scanning in the system. If it is infected then firstly try to remove the threats permanently.

Check Disk Space: Many users tries to add new files when the hard drive is completely full. If there is no space then don't add files forcefully otherwise sometimes the earlier saved files gets damaged.

Protect from Water: You should always protect your hard drive or laptops from water contact because it is one of the biggest cause for data corruption issues.


G-DRIVE USB-C is one of the popular external storage drive which allows the users to save huge amount of file and data. Due to human errors, sometimes the saved files gets damaged or permanently deleted from the drive. If you are also facing the same situation and looking for the perfect solution then no need to panic. We suggest you to make use of Mac Data Recovery Software. It is one of the advanced tool which is capable to perform complete scanning and restore all the deleted or corrupted files in easiest way without compromising their quality. So, download the trial version of the tool now to check its working efficiency and performance.