How to Fix Crashing of Mac and Recover the Lost Files of Drive

Are you extremely annoyed with regular crashing or freezing of Mac operating system? Does your files are being damaged? Do you get warning alerts at the time of opening the saved files? Are you looking forward for the effective way to fix all these issues quickly? If you are facing the aforesaid problems and wants to fix it completely then we recommend you to follow the guidelines which are given in the post below. It will fix all the issues completely in few clicks.

Mac is one of the best operating system which is gaining popularity among the users. It is a product of Apple Inc which provides best working experience to the users. It comes with lots of advanced features which helps the users to complete their tasks in minimum time. However, sometimes it is seen that system starts to crash or freeze during your important activities. In such a case, PC will get restarted automatically and most of the active programs will stop responding. It can also result dangerous for your saved files and they can be damaged or corrupted. It is quite an annoying situation which nobody wants to face with their system.

What are the main causes behind crashing of Mac?

You need to know that crashing or freezing of the operating system happens when there is any technical glitch in the system. Kernal Panic is also common reason behind such situation. The common factors are mentioned below:-

Presence of Malware and Virus: If your Mac operating system has been infected with harmful spywares then it will not allow you to perform any task normally and crashing of the operating system will become a regular issue.

Updating Mac OS: If you have recently updated your operating system then it can also be one of the common reason. If the update is compatible with the PC then you might face such situations.

Insufficient RAM: If you are performing multiple tasks at a time and your RAM is inadequate then your PC will start to crash or freeze at certain time intervals.

Increased Processes in Task Manager: Sometimes, you will detect lots of running processes in the task manager when all the programs are closed. It will create high usage of CPU and thus, you will detect system crashing regularly.

Low Space in Startup Disk: If there is extremely low space in the startup disk which can't handle all the programs then it will affect the system and it will start to freeze regularly.

Common Consequences after Crashing of Operating System:

Due to regular crashing, you will detect lots of strange activities in the PC and it will difficult to perform any task normally. Some of the common symptoms has been given below:-

Disable of Programs: You will find that most of the installed programs and software will become inaccessible and start to behave strangely when you will launch them.

Damage of Saved Files: The worst impacts of crashing can corrupt or damage your essential files which were stored in the hard disk. It can make you suffer from data loss situations.

Sluggish Speed: Due to system crashing, you will notice that the running speed of various functions of the PC will start to degrade gradually. These tasks includes start up, shut down, opening files, playing games, installing applications, Internet connection etc.

Problem in Installing New Programs: Users will also get warning alerts at the time of installing new applications in the system. Due to unwanted processes, it will display low disk space alerts continuously on the screen.

Automatic Reboot: It is also possible that user will find automatic reboot of the system during their important works which is completely annoying.

How to Fix Crashing of Mac Issues Manually?

Method 1: Re-install the Mac OS

If you are annoyed with regular crashing then you can reinstall the operating system. It will fix all the issues. To complete the process, you need to follow the given steps:-

  • Restart the Mac system and press Command + R keys together until the startup sound comes up. You need to select the Recovery Mode.

  • In the Mac OS utilities, you need to click on Reinstall Mac OS and proceed the process by clicking on Continue option.

  • Follow the instructions which appears on screen and click on Install button.

Method 2: Uninstall unwanted applications:-

Keeping unwanted applications can also results to crashing of the operating system. So, experts recommend the users to remove such programs by following the given steps:-

  • Click on Finder and choose Applications.

  • Here you will find the list of all installed programs in the PC. Select the program which you want to remove from PC.

  • Finally, drag and drop the program to the Trash folder.

How to Recover Lost Data from Mac after Crashing Situation?

Due to crashing of operating system, you can lose all the files or data which were stored in the PC, If you have lost your important files and wants to get them back easily then we suggest you to make use of Mac Data Recovery Software. It is one of the best tool which has been designed by the technical experts. It is capable to perform deep scanning in the PC to detect and restore all the lost, corrupted, damaged, encrypted files in just few clicks. The best part of the software is that it can be easily handled by the non-technical users due to its user-friendly interface. You will get lots of advanced features with the tool which does not compromise with the file quality. Even more, it will also display the preview of the recovered files and allows the users to store them at their desired location. So, what are you waiting for, download the trial version of the software immediately.