Partition External Drive

How To Partition An External Drive On Mac OS X?

When you are running out of space on your Mac operating system and have to store some other important information or want to create a backup of your data then you buy a new external drive. On buying a new external drive, you can use it for several purposes. As soon as you buy an external drive, you connect it with your Mac computer and start copying files into the new drive. But, what if, you make partitions on external drive for a better allocation of your data. And with all new storage space it makes sense to partition the external hard drive.

By partition, it means you are dividing storage space of hard drive into sections or multiple partitions. For instance, you can partition 1TB hard drive space into two 500GB sections. Number of partitions depend on you, you can make multiple partitions according to your need. Each partitions of external hard drive or in-built hard drive appears as a single hard drive on Mac's desktop. Partitioning helps you to organize your data, create multiple backups of same data on different partitions, allow you to run multiple operating system on same computer and lot more you can do with these partitions.

Mac OS has an in-built partition manager tool called Disk Utility. You can manually partition external drive using disk utility tool.

  • Open the Disk Utility tool.
  • Select the external dive which you want for partition.
  • Add new partitions into the drive.
  • Click on Apply button.
  • Provides option to modify partitions.
  • Then a dialog box will appear. Here, click on Partition button. Wait for some time, it takes few minutes to be partitioned.

However, this manual method can go little tricky for you, hence, you can opt an automatic tool like Partition Magic Mac for creating partitions on external drive. Partition Magic Mac is the best option for you if you have problems while partitioning external drive.

Features of Partition Magic Mac

  • Easy to use and install.
  • It has easy and simple and effective interface.
  • Able to perform all disk related operations like create, resize and merge.
  • Create partitions without data loss.
  • Automatic partitioning tasks.
  • Organize data in well and perfect manner.