How To Add More Space In One Mac Volume By Deleting Other

Sometimes, users may feel the need to add more spaces into the Mac volumes according to their requirement. They may delete some other partition to extend other volume. But user should remember that it is not very easy to create volumes and delete volumes specially in Mac system. And it becomes cumbersome when that partition contains important data.

Adding more space into volume and deleting volumes is not an easy task as that of Windows. Yet, users create partitions to store data separately, install multiple operating systems like Mac and Windows on different partition of the Mac hard drive. Partitioning Mac drive also makes the data safe, easy to navigate and enables users to create multiple backups of data.

Why To Add More Space Into A Volume?

The question may arise that why anyone wants to delete Mac partition or volume, but this fact may actually arise. Suppose, there are 5 partitions in your Mac drive (including boot partition) on which data is stored. But one of your partition containing movies, songs and videos is overfilled. There you feel the need to enlarge that volume by either shrinking or deleting other volume.

Adding More Space Into Mac Volume

There are two cases by which you can add more space into a volume. First is to shrink one volume and other is to delete volume.

Manual Method -

Case I . Shrink volume to enlarge other volume using Disk Utility tool

  • Open Disk Utility tool of Mac.
  • Select Mac drive and goto Partition tab at the right, in the left pane.
  • Select the required volume which you wish to trim.
  • Hold the volume from bottom right corner of the screen and drag it upward to shrink.
  • When required amount of free space is available then perform step 4 to enlarge the targeted volume.
  • Click on Apply button.

Case II. Delete volume to add space

  • Follow the same given in step 1 and 2 stated above.
  • Select the volume you wish to delete.
  • Click on Delete button after selecting the volume.
  • Again follow the step 5 and 6 stated above.
  • Now, exit the Disk Utility.

Automatic Method -

However, these steps should be performed with extra attention, if you miss then you could lose your data. Therefore, you must go for a professional software and that is Stellar Partition Manager.