How To Partition Mac OS X El Capitan Hard Disk Drive

Are you thinking of partitioning Mac OS X El Capitan Hard Disk Drive but is unable to do so? Don't worry, here you will get answer to your question and easy ways to create partition.

When you think to do partition of your Mac OS X El Capitan hard drive, it implies that you are trying to divide storage space into different sections. But, in real, hard drive is just one,it can be counted as a sort of organizational work for the computer. Partitioning is a good idea as it can allow users to keep files and data separately from others. If performed with a perfect tool, partitioning is not a difficult task.

Partitioning in Mac OS X El Capitan Hard Disk Drive can be done using Disk Utility tool which is an in-built application comes along with Mac operating system. So far, it is capable of performing disk related tasks. Disk Utility tool has graphical interface which makes it easy for users, is straight forward and easy to use. Disk utility tool can create, delete and resize partitions.

Partition Mac OS X El Capitan Hard Disk Drive

Steps To Partition Mac OS X El Capitan Hard Disk Drive Using Disk Utility -

  • Open Disk Utility application then go to sidebar and there, click on Partition Button.
  • Click on Add button. This will create two partitions, one with all the data and other remains empty.
  • In the pie chart, rename each partitions.
  • Finally, click on Apply button.
  • Lastly, click on Done.

But the above mentioned steps are not advised for those users who are not aware of the sensitiveness of the partitioning a disk drive. This can be very dangerous if you miss and make a mistake. As a result all the saved data can be lost creating havoc. And Disk Utility tool is not completely fit for this purpose and has some drawbacks so you better use Stellar Partition Manager software which is highly expertized in performing disk operations. Have a look on the marvelous features of Stellar Partition Manager.

Key Features of Stellar Partition Manager :-

  • Create, resize and merge partitions.
  • Capable of managing multiple operating system easily.
  • Automatic partitioning tasks.
  • Facilitates smooth and easy creation, deletion and resizing of partitions.
  • Easy to use and navigate interface.