Format Mac partitions/Volume

Simple And Easy Way To Format Mac Partitions/Volumes

Mac OS users are allowed to perform various disk related operations like creating, deleting and managing disk partitions or volumes. Mac operating system is considered as a safe and secure OS but even though you endure some issues like file corruption, hard drive failures, virus attack and other problems. The biggest trouble is loosing your important data in case of hard disk failure and corruption. In order to prevent such heavy loss, you make multiple partitions of Mac hard disk and creates two or more backup of your data on those partitions or volumes. Having multiple partitions of disk, you can use it for different purposes.

Formatting Mac Partitions/Volumes

Sometimes, you may feel the need to delete data of entire partition or volumes in order to remove all the ragged and unwanted files and organize the partition afresh. When partition get badly corrupted and become unused then you may feel the need to format. Besides this, when partition or volume is beyond repairing and you have got backup of all the data then you want to format that partition to reuse it. To format the partition in Mac OS efficiently, use Stellar Partition Manager software. It is a powerful as well as as easy to use utility tool for formatting a disk.

Steps to format Mac partition using Partition Magic Mac:

  • Feature of Stellar Partition Manager
  • It creates, resize and merge partitions.
  • Separate storage space on hard disk.
  • Organize data on hard disk in well manner.
  • Provides option to modify partitions.
  • It can partition Mac hard disk even in power failure.
  • Automatic partitioning tasks.

Steps to format Mac Partitions/Volumes

  • Install and run Stellar Partition Manager.
  • Select the drive which you want to format. The drive will display all partitions/volumes in mid pane of interface.
  • Click on Format after selecting the desired drive.
  • The operation gets added in the 'Task to do' list. Click on Start button to start formatting on the tool bar.
  • Click on Continue button to format partition/volume.
  • Once the formatting is finished, refresh partition is ready to use.

Making use of Disk utility tool can be troublesome and time consuming. And mostly users do not know how to use utility tool. Therefore, it would be better to use Stellar Partition Manager.