Easy Tips To Remove Free Space Blocks And Partition The El Capitan Hard Drives

Are you experiencing slow performances on your Mac or Mac OS X EI Captain system? So you must look into the factors responsible for making your Mac OS X EI Captain system run slower. Read the passage below to know the answer.

Generally, there are two types of partitions on Mac hard drive which was created using in-built utility tool called Disk Utility tool. Suppose if you have a router with NAS option that does not support partition then there is the actual need to delete extra partition space kept to be used as a backup then create one partition. However, you may face an error “ this partition cannot be modified.” while removing free space blocks and partitioning the El Capitan hard drives. This type of error arises when Mac has been formatted with MBR not with GUID.

Some Possible Solutions For Removing Free Space Blocks And Partitioning The El Capitan Hard Drives

At first, you need to cross check whether the type is MBR or not, and if the Time Machine Encryption is turned on then File menu in Disk Utility can unlock the partition easily. Disk utility tool facilitates Mac system to easily resize partitions. This in-built tool can delete, format partitions, mounted volumes can be resized so there will be increase and decrease in free space. This is termed as “Live Partitioning”.

Limitations Of Disk Utility Tool

Disk Utility tool can pose a risk of data loss from hard drive. Since Disk Utility tool is very streamlined, if a single step is missed then data loss situation may arise. You may have to compromise with your valuable data residing on Mac OS EI Captain. This is not possible to increase or decrease the partition using Disk Utility tool when there are free space blocks present on the Mac hard drive due to limitations of Disk Utility. Hence, you can conclude that Disk Utility fails in removing free space block.

Stellar Partition Manager – An Effective Tool

In this type of circumstances, what is needed is to take assistance from a professional software. Therefore, Stellar Partition Manager is a professional tool that enables users to resize the partitions. Stellar Partition Manager can very effectively utilize the free space on Mac drive and partition OS X EI captain hard drives.