How To Fix A Broken EFI Partition On Mac OS X El Capitan

It is seriously an unfortunate occurrence, when Mac OS X EI Captain suffer broken or damaged EFI partition which typically prevents Mac's booting and Mac OS system software from loading. Therefore, to deal with this situation, some helping tips are given below. Read it carefully!!

What Is EFI partition?

EFI stands for Extensive Firmware Interface is primarily intended for IA-32 and Itanium architecture based computers. EFI specification provides a model for interface between operating system and platform firmware. An EFI partition is a partition on data storage device either on a hard disk drive or solid state drive used by computers. When a computer is booted, UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) loads files stored on EFI partition to start installed operating system and other various utilities.

Generally, on Mac systems EFI partition is left blank and unused for booting. But some unfavorable conditions arise and damage EFI partition thus resulting in improper booting of Mac OS X EI captain. A problem in Mac OS X EI captain hard drive partition is confirmed by booting into recovery mode then running disk utility from second hard drive.

Reasons For Broken EFI Partition

Mac OS X EI captain considered to be the powerful operating system. Despite, you may come across problem like broken or damage EFI partition. Several factors can badly affect this partition. The factors may include power cut, bad sectors on hard drive, any virus attack, software or hardware issues, automatic corruption of partitions and many other factors. All this results in breaking or damage of EFI partitions. Thus, you need to repair this quickly.

Fix A Broken EFI Partition On Mac OS X El Capitan

Since a broken EFI partition prevents Mac OS from starting up properly, it is a little challenge for you to repair. If you are wrangling with this problem so first thing you should try is to reinstall Mac OS X EI captain onto your computer. However, reinstalling Mac OS is just not enough to troubleshoot that problem. Hence, you need help of a software called Stellar partition Manager which is a fast and most secure method to fix broken EFI partition in order to boot the OS again. This will help you in dealing with all kinds of disk partition related operations.