Why do you need to Optimize Mac Performance?

The overall performance of any system depends on number of factors as such overtime every system performance gradually slows down and if appropriate steps are not taken the situation keeps on worsening and a time may come when the system turns completely unbootable. In case of Mac OS X the system slows due to drive fragmentation that occurs as a result of saving and deleting files and the accumulated junk all over the system. As a solution to these problems MacKeeper has been designed.

MacKeeper Review –

MacKeeper for Mac refers to the comprehensive collection of tools for Mac meant to optimize, repair, protect and offer other managements functions. Once installed it takes care of the overall health of the system and warns of any issues that crops up before it may turn serious. By removing junk files and defragmenting fragmented hard disk drive it adds to the well being of the system.

A quick glance on MacKeeper Software Features:-

  • Makes mac perform fast with speedup Mac
  • Improved de-fragmentation engine
  • Quickly locates large and duplicate file with smart finder feature
  • Checks & compares hard drive health
  • Efficiently performs NTFS bootcamp volume partitioning
  • Works with all Mac applications iWork, iPhoto, iTunes,iMovies & aperture
  • Supports Mac mini, iMac and other Mac notebook
  • Compatible with all Mac OS X versions 10.6,10.7,10.8,10.9,10.10, 10.11 & latest 10.12 Mac Sierra

The 14 Utilities present in the MacKeeper Serial Software is a given below:

SpeedUp – It primary task is to locate cache, logs, duplicate files and other temporary files such as login etc created during different process are located and can be removed thereafter. It includes 2 options for scanning i.e. Quick scan and Strict Scan depending on whether or not you want the replica to be found or not respectively.

Drive Defragmentation – its de-fragmentation engine lets user have quick access to disk drive volume by reducing the read/write time of a file. The data is consolidated at one place and thus its access is made easy too.

Drive C7lone – Using this feature particular volume or the drive can be cloned as such you have a backup with you which can be used in unforeseen data loss instances.

Partition Manager – creates partition to make the task of data organization easier, in addition to that task of creating, adding, hiding/revealing, formatting partition all can be done with the ease of a click.

Drive Monitor – aided with this unique feature users can keep themselves informed of the health and other vital attributes of the drive and alarms when there is any mismatch.

Smart Finder – The large and duplicate can be searched with this feature as it visualizes the drive structure first and lists all the files as preview providing easy means to compare and delete not so required files.

Wipe – Confidential data can be wiped out of Mac with this utility such that no data recovery program can trace or get it back. It overwrites the disk space as such recovery is by no means possible thereafter.

Shield- This offers the facility to recover lost and deleted files and folder. At any point of time it captures the image of the disk which can be used for recovery later on.

Volume Repair – Volume occurred corruption or other errors can be repaired with the option by scanning and fixing the problem that occurred.

Disk Editor – raw data editor is one of the newly added features having the capability to read as well as edit drive and volume structure. It does modify files on byte level and allows fixing minor corruption instances by altering the HEX value.

Benchmark – helps check read/write speed of the hard drive, data transfer rate and more can be found and compared with pre-stored normal benchmark rate.

Data Encryptor – this provides additional security layer to data with the aid of password protection. The algorithms it uses for file encryption is strong enough to avoid all sorts of unauthorized access.

Download MacKeeper 4.0 Freeware to get rid of all issues you have been facing in Mac system now. Always go with licensed registration key other than the crack serial because it is simply meant to misguide the user and wont support in any manner.