Delete Mac partition Volumes

What is Mac partition?

Partitioning means dividing hard disk into multiple storage units. These individual partitions are listed under devices sections in the Finder sidebar. These partitioning when done on Mac operating system then it is called Mac partitioning. The volumes are treated separately by Mac OS in the Finder. Generally, partitioning is done when users want to install multiple operating systems on a single system or if they want different format for their device. You can treat these partitions as individual partitions. You can also format it independently and use it for various purposes. Mostly, partitioning is done for various purposes such as storing data, to run various operating system, perform some different type of works on different volumes, creating more than one backups, to increase boot volume area to install more programs on Mac, improving system performance and many more.

Effects of Partitioning

Partitioning or creating new Mac volumes may have some effects on your Mac operating system. Simultaneous running of various operating system may cause system to crash and freeze. Meanwhile, execution of various operating systems can even increase the load on single CPU. This, in turn, can badly affect the system performance. Hence these are some problems related to disk partitioning in Mac OS.

Steps to Delete Mac Partition or Volumes

  • Click on Disk Utility.
  • Select the volume or partition you wish to delete.
  • Ensure that Mac OS X is selected and then click on Erase tab.
  • Now click on Erase button.
  • Click on logical volume and partition tab.
  • Highlight that partition or volume which you erased had already.
  • Click '-' sign then click Remove.
  • Click on Apply then on Partition.
  • Finally close Disk Utility.

After sometimes partitions will be reallocated. And if you find difficulty in performing the given steps then you can go for an automatic tool that will ease your work. Download Stellar Partition Manager developed for Mac OS for performing basic disks related operations like deleting, creating, resizing and formatting.

Following are the Features of Stellar Partition Manager

  • Stellar Partition Manager can create new partitions on Mac hard drive.
  • Delete, resize and formats existing partitions on hard drive.
  • Optimize free space to resize hard disk.
  • Resizes NTFS partition and Boot Camp.