Create New Mac Partition

How to Create New Mac Partition

Partitioning allows users to divide hard disk into multiple segments which you can use for specific purposes. It enables users to treat one physical drive as multiple disks. Initially you store your entire data in single hard disk drive but after partitioning you have options to store them into different volumes which reduces the burden of files in particular drive. If your create new Mac partition then you will enjoy numerous benefits. Some of the benefits of partitioning Mac drive are shown below:

  • You will get multiple disk volumes
  • Efficiently manage your files and applications
  • Program files and users files can be stored separately
  • Lower chance of file corruption
  • Run multiple operating systems
  • Partitioned drive can be used as backup drive

You can enjoy all these facilities if you partition Mac drive. One of the greatest advantage of partitioning Mac hard drive is that you can prevent your operating system files and other applications from being corrupted as you store then separately from user files. So, it makes your files and data much secure. In order to create new Mac partition you can make use of in-built Disk Utility which is also disk integrity checker of Mac system.

Following are the steps to create partition using Disk Utility:

  • Open Disk Utility
  • It will show the list of hard drive. Select the drive you want to partition
  • Click on "Partition" tab and then enter the size of partition
  • Click "Apply" button and then "Partition" button
  • Now Exit Disk Utility

In this way you can create new Mac partition but most of the users find it problematic and time-taking procedure. Some novice don't able to apply these steps easily so its better to use any third-party software to partition Mac hard drive. You can use Partition Magic Mac software in order to create partition safely. It also helps to delete Mac Partitions and Volumes. The software is developed using latest techniques and possess graphical user interface which is very easy to use. No matter if you are not having technical knowledge because there is no need to be technically expert to use this software. With the help of this effective software you can create, resize and merge partitions. It is capable to undelete partitions from rescue disks. You can also modify the partition size using this software and can create partitions of external drives also. So, if you wish to create new Mac partition then you can download this trustworthy software.