Change Partition Size without Formatting

Mac based computers are considered as much safe and secure as compared to other operating system. Now-a-days most of the people are dependent on Mac operating system as it offers reliable performance, produces accurate results and safely store your data. Mac system follows HFS+ partition scheme which allows you to easily manage large amount of data in efficient manner. Generally, users create new partitions so as to manage their files separately, work in dual boot environment and enjoy various other benefits. At times there arises a need to change partition size due to certain reasons. It generally happens in the following conditions:

  • Presence of low partition space
  • Insufficient memory space
  • Redundant partition space

Apart from these there are various other reasons which are responsible to resize Mac partitions. Most of the time it happens that you keep on storing files to particular partition and when you attempt to store any large program or application to that partition you are unable to add and come across below error message:

"You are running out of disk space on system (C:). To free space on this drive by deleting old or unnecessary files, click here....."

The error message indicates that there is no sufficient space on disk to add any more program so you are required to delete some files. All files stored in the partition are really very important so you need to change partition size in order to resolve the problem.

Generally, people keep on storing large volume of data to various partitions so there might arise a need to increase the size of partition so as to store the entire data in a single volume. Due to installation of different programs and applications there comes a time when Boot Volume have insufficient space to store any more files. In such condition you need to change partition size so that files can be easily stored in the volume.

In order to resize Mac partition you need to use third-party Partition Magic Mac software. With the help of this effective software you can easily create new partitions, resize partitions and delete existing partition. The software is developed with advanced techniques using which it safely creates new partition and change size of existing partitions. So, you can use this trustworthy software in order to modify the size of your Mac partitions.