How To Recover Deleted BootCamp Partition Free Spaces

Suppose while formatting Mac hard drive, you deleted BootCamp partition in hassle. After a moment, you realized that you had deleted BootCamp partition and lost important data stored on it. Now, you want to recover them at any cost. The following paragraph will guide you to coup-up deleted data from Mac hard drive.

BootCamp enables dual-boot between Mac OS X and Windows partition. Dual booting between multiple OS's is very useful and provides plenty of purposes. After installing windows on Mac system, you decide to delete the Windows BootCamp partition free spaces for some reason. But while deleting BootCamp partition, you deleted all your important data. Deleting BootCamp partition free space, you first need to create backup of all your important data residing in that partition. Without any backup, you absolutely happen to lose data. It is very important fact to be remember that deleting BootCamp partition to remove Windows installation also deletes files and applications stored on Windows as well as partition.

Recovery Of Deleted Data From BootCamp partition

A software commonly known as Stellar Partition Manager can effortlessly manage BootCamp partition on Mac OS hard disk drive. This disk management utility tool allows you to resize NTFS BootCamp partitions and safely delete them if it is unnecessary. In-built Disk Utility tool though removes BootCamp partition, at the same time fails to to claim free spaces left behind after deleting Windows NTFS partition.

Disk Utility tool has certain flaws during resizing Mac hard disk drive and claiming free spaces left by BootCamp after deletion. This tool is not fit for this task and can result in data loss.

Therefore, you better rely on a professional tool like Stellar Partition Manager. This software can prove itself to be useful in proclaiming free spaces and unused spaces and thus merge it with Mac hard disk drive.

Some Unique Features Of Stellar Partition Manager -

  • Add or create new partitions.
  • Delete mac partitions or volumes from Mac internal and external hard drives.
  • Repartition without data loss.
  • Efficiently resize BootCamp partitions.
  • Efficiently creates, deletes and resize partitions on extrenal hard drive.
  • Easily expand and shrink Mac partitions and volumes.
  • Format Mac hard drives and partitions to HFS, FAT, NTFS and EXFAT file system.