Trim BootCamp And Expand Macintosh HDD

You all are aware of the fact that Mac can install and run OS X and Windows OS on a single hard disk drive of Mac computers. BootCamp Assistant, Mac's in-built application, is responsible for segregating entire Mac hard drive into two partition assigned for Mac and Windows OS respectively. It is found that most of the Mac users who have installed Windows OS on Mac hard drive prefer to keep Macintosh HDD size greater than that of BootCamp partition. For illustration, suppose the size of your Mac hard drive is 500 GB where 350 GB space is allotted to Mac OS X while rest of the space is allotted to BootCamp partition.

In earlier times, the hard drive space allotment rule for OS X and Windows OS is just opposite to the above stated illustration. There are still some users who love to run Mac computers for running Windows OS because of the fact that Mac computer is one of the best suited machines for running Windows OS along with Mac OS.

Why To Trim BootCamp And Expand Macintosh HDD

If you have an Intel-based Macs, you can easily run OS X and Windows on a single machine. However, sometimes, it is possible to run both OS with some agonizing limitations. With the advancement in technology, BootCamp also graduated from old version Beta to new versions Leopard. Now, there seems incompatibility problem with the versions of Windows with respect to Mac versions. Before installing any Window OS on Mac computers, you have to see which Mac models are compatible with which versions of Windows. In the current incarnation of Mac, BootCamp is not compatible with 32-bit Windows version. Other requirements include:-

  • an Intel Mac with OS X version 10.6 or later.
  • at least 2GB RAM and 20GB available space on Mac's storage drive that will be donated to Windows.

All these requirements together show the need of trimming BootCamp and expanding external hard disk drive space in order to properly run both OS.

Trim BootCamp And Expand Macintosh HDD

If you want to trim BootCamp space running Windows OS and expand space of hard disk drive then Disk Utility tool will not be of use. Hence, you need assistance from a third party tool namely Stellar Partition Manager. Stellar Partition Manager is very much capable of shrinking the BootCamp space and expanding the Macintosh HDD efficiently.